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Six Senses to launch eco-focused resort in Grand Bahama – TTG

Six Senses to launch eco-focused resort in Grand Bahama – TTG

Six Senses Grand Bahama’s resort village will include 45 waterfront and canal villas and 20 branded residences, designed by architect Olson Kundig. Guests will be able to use a signature restaurant, beach venue, boathouse and pool bar. Designed by architects 3XN, the resort will also host an Experience Centre, artist studios, meeting spaces, a fitness centre and Six Senses Spa. Future development of the 36-acre site will see direct access to a new marina.

Six Senses chief executive Neil Jacobs said: “We’re eager to reflect the authenticity of Bahamian lifestyle, culture, and landscape through organic pathways and architectural design to create a community blended with our signature ethos of wellness, sustainability, crafted guest experiences, and emotional hospitality.”

Six Senses Grand Bahama’s villa units will be modular and prefabricated, which the brand said would minimise on-site impacts and adhere to the resort’s sustainability targets. Kim Herforth Nielson, founder of 3XN, explained: “This is a great opportunity to investigate new construction methods and define a specific and new approach to sustainability in The Bahamas – both for the buildings and to respect the exceptional local nature.”

The design of the units is among a host of sustainability-focused initiatives across the resort. There will also be an Earth Lab, while the Marine Research and Dive Center will focus on coastal resiliency, native plantings and land restoration. During the design a team of experts in coastal resilience, marine ecology and sustainable design will collaborate with Bahamian consultants. The development will also receive an investment from the Global Fund for Coral Reefs to provide capital and technical assistance.

A spokesperson said the resort “will create hundreds of jobs for Bahamians, both in the construction phases and when the resort opens its doors.”

Marc Weller, founding partner and president of Weller Development Partners, which is leading the development and investment team, said: “We are dedicated to ensuring that our developments have a positive social impact on surrounding communities. Our team uses sustainable practices that reduce our carbon footprint, establish resilient and healthy communities, and preserve our natural environment. We want to build trust and work with the people of Grand Bahama to achieve their priorities and realise the potential of this amazing island.”

Published at Tue, 15 Nov 2022 12:15:06 +0000

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