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How do I book an aircraft?

It’s a very straight forward process. You can contact us by email, complete the booking form or call us using the details provided on the website and we will always reply within a couple of hours and 24hrs at the most.

What Information do you need?

We will require the following information:

  • Dates of Travel
  • Number of Passengers
  • Departure and Arrival Airports (If you’re unsure we can advise)
  • Requested Departure and Arrival Times
  • Expected Volume of luggage (ie weight of suitcase in kg)
  • Any outsize luggage (Skis/Golfclubs/Fishing Rods/Mobility aids/pushchairs etc)
  • Pets if you are considering taking them with you
  • Shotguns and Firearms
Can we book a Helicopter with you?

Of course. You should be aware that within the UK almost all aircraft and helicopters with less than 10 seats (including the pilots) will attract HMRC VAT at 20%.

How do I know what type of aircraft I need?

As former business jet pilots we will use our professional experience and sound judgement to pick the aircraft that will complete the trip based on the information you have given us. It is extremely unlikely that you can go down an aircraft size, but, if you wanted a bigger aircraft we can source that for you too. The majority of time we will come back to you with several options from which to choose. On occasion, however, we may only come back with one aircraft because the quote is so good, we know it cannot be beaten.

How do I know if the aircraft and pilots are safe?

Our in depth knowledge of the aviation industry means that we source aircraft from operators with a sound safety record and reputation. As trained aviation safety and compliance auditors we can also carry out our own in depth audit of a company should we deem it necessary. All aircraft operators must have an “Air Operator’s Certificate” or AOC. They will have gone through exactly the same regulatory, audit and licensing process as an airline like British Airways to receive their AOC, which is renewed every year.

What happens next?

Once you have selected your aircraft, we will confirm this with the aircraft operator and they will issue us with a contract. They may need to ask for the “Owner’s Approval” before final confirmation. We will then issue you with a quote and booking confirmation via Docusign or Adobe which can be electronically signed.

What is Owners’ Approval?

When you charter an aircraft, in many cases, it might owned by somebody else. This person will have to give their approval before your booking can be confirmed; if not, you’ll need to consider other options.

Most aircraft are individually owned by a single owner, whose average personal usage is approximately 300 hours a year. However, some owners may only fly their aircraft for 200 hours a year, so they may ask a plane management company or operator to charter it for them. The owner maintains the right to approve each trip, or decline a charter flight if they’ll be using the aircraft themselves, so the operator will need their approval for every trip they book.

We will ask you to select one or two preferred aircraft. The operator will then check on their availability with the owners. Typically, operators will have an owner’s schedule in advance. This means they can make an educated guess on when it’ll be available, but they still require the owner to sign each charter request off.

Owners may sometimes turn flights down for reasons other than availability. For example, if they own a large jet, they may reject any requests for flights of less than three hours, as those flights put too many cycles on the engines and burn too much fuel.

Sometimes, the operator will own the aircraft outright, so no separate owner approval is needed. The flight can be booked as soon as we sign the flight contract with the operator.

How often is owner approval needed for private jet charter?

Aircraft approval is needed for nearly 90% of aircraft available for charter. Most of the time, it will be approved. Sometimes, the owner will even charter a different plane so that his/her aircraft can go out on charter.

Often Operator’s will not ask the Owner for their Approval until they have a signed contract from us. This avoids the Owner being troubled with a request that might come to nothing. We appreciate this will be frustrating if the answer is ‘No’, but it is an unavoidable hazard with private jet charter. If this happens we would then work on another option for you.

Why would a private jet owner reject a private jet charter trip in their aircraft?

Here are some of the typical reasons a private jet may not approve a flight:

  • They require the plane themselves
  • They don’t want it used for short flight legs
  • They don’t want it used in a high-risk environment or country
  • They require a minimum payment for the trip

Operators may be able to negotiate a lower price with the owner. This is especially true if the owner has an empty leg journey to their current destination.

All trips must meet the owner’s pricing. Regular flights often have a required hourly rate, and any fees lower than this amount will need to be negotiated between the operator and broker, then approved by the owner.

An owner may also place restrictions on the use of their aircraft, such as no pets, or only a certain number of passengers being allowed onboard. Certain foods and beverages, such as chocolate and wine, may also be banned to help preserve the interior fabrics.

Lastly, the owner may also ask for the names of all passengers to ensure the client is reputable, and that the aircraft will be treated well.

Can I book an empty leg?

An empty leg is where an aircraft is reposition prior to or after a flight with no passengers on board. These are offered with restricted terms and are similar to having a “standby ticket” for a commercial flight. There are savings to be made, providing you are flexible and keep at the back of your mind, that even at the last minute you can be ‘bumped’ off the aircraft. There is no legal requirement for the operator to find you another aircraft and you will simply get your money back.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yes, but we will need to find aircraft with permission to carry pets and not all airports are approved to allow pets to transit through them, so you may need to select alternative departure and arrival airports. Post BREXIT, this has become a little bit more complicated if you are travelling to an island such as Menorca, Majorca and Ibiza.

Can we travel with shotguns and firearms?

Yes, but please give us as much notice as possible as there is plenty of paper work to complete. You will also need to provide your licence(s) and the weapons will need to be transported in a lockable case. Likewise, if you intend to carry any ammunition with you.

How much luggage can we take?

We base all luggage on an average weight of 20kg. We will always aim to agree what volume you can carry with you in the charter contract. Up to midsize jets, generally one normal soft sided case and a small item of carry on luggage is permitted. Soft sided cases tend to fit better into the holds, which can vary in size. From super midsize upwards there is more flexibility on suitcase type and size.

What is the contract for?

We sign a contract with the charter operator and you sign a charter contract with us. The contract highlights to you what services we have agreed to provide you with. It all states that there may on occasion be certain price variations which we will have to pass on to you such as Federal Excise Taxes in the USA. It also states that De-Icing and Wifi costs are almost never included in the price and they will be invoiced to you in arrears.

If we de-ice, how much will the invoice be?

De-icing invoices are not a precise science and are invoiced according to the volume and type of de-icing fluid used. It also depends on the prevailing weather conditions and the size of the aircraft. Invoices can run from a few hundred euros up to a few thousand euros for bigger jets.

If we use the WiFi, how much will the invoice be?

Not all aircraft have WiFi as a standard feature, it tends to be the heavy jet class upwards. We will also confirm whether you require the wifi to be switched on or off for the flight. As all aircraft wifi is routed through a satellite, it can be extremely expensive and on average can be €10.00 Euros or more and invoices frequently run into thousands of Euros.

Is there a Flight Attendant?

Flight attendants tend to only be available with super midsize jets and upwards. This is purely down to space on the aircraft as opposed to cost.

Can we bring our own catering?

Most aircraft will come with a small fridge containing both alcohol and soft drinks and snacks. On longer flights we will agree the catering with you from specialist VIP Catering providers and ensure any dietary requirements and allergies are made known. You may of course bring your own catering and if necessary we can even arrange for you to have catering from your favourite Michelin star restaurant and chef.

What is an FBO/Handling Agent?

An FBO is a fixed-base operator, which is a company that is given permission by an airport to operate on its premises to provide aeronautical services for aircraft, passengers, and crew. Generally, FBOs are the main providers or Handling Agents, of services in general aviation, or for private and recreational flying. They’re usually found at public airports but can sometimes be found in a property next to the airport. FBOs at larger or higher-traffic airports are usually private companies. At smaller airports, FBOs are sometimes run by the local government.

What happens if our plans change?

Once you have signed the charter contract you will be subject to certain terms and conditions and on occasion financial penalties if you need to make major changes to your booking. If you are going skiing and want to add boots and skis at a later date, this may not be always possible due to the size of aircraft that you have booked.  Likewise, adding passengers at a later day may not be possible either for aircraft performance reasons. We will always endeavour to accommodate any changes you have but there are never any guarantees.

How do I pay for my flight?

We will invoice you by electronic invoice to be paid by bank transfer in either GBP Sterling, US Dollars or Euros. This must be done by the date stated in the contract as we may need to transfer funds overseas for payment and this can take a few days, particularly with the US Bank clearing system. Failure to transfer the funds on time may risk the cancellation of your charter. We can accept credit cards but will add a 5% charge on top of the charter price. We Do Not accept Bitcoin or any other digital currencies. We also state on the invoice that you must bear all the bank transfer charges and any additional fees.

How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

On the contract we will state how long before the flight you should arrive.  Generally for smaller airports this can be 15 to 20 minutes, for larger airports this could be 20 minutes to half an hour. If you are carrying shotguns and firearms we will always state a minimum of 30 minutes to allow for any final paperwork and licence checks.

What other services do you provide?

We can source most items for our clients. We can provide additional security and medical cover should it be required and is an additional charge. In short please ask and we will do our very best to provide.

How do you make your money?

We charge an industry standard commission which is included in the charter price.  You are paying for our considerable flying experience, knowledge and impeccable service from start to finish. There will be charter brokers out there who charge more than us and there are even those who “guarantee to undercut” any other charter quote. We do not compromise on safety or quality, and as a result of this, we do not compromise on price. We know you will be thoroughly pleased with our standard service, as so many of our previous clients have.

Can we carbon offset our flight?

We are currently partnering up with a Climate Care specialist to deliver a transparent and comprehensive carbon offset programme

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