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Embraer Increases Year-on-Year Commercial and Business Jet Deliveries

Rebecca Campbell from Engineering News – Reports

The world’s number three manufacturer of commercial jets, Brazil-based Embraer, has reported that it delivered 159 commercial and business jets last year. This represented a 12.7% increase over the figure for 2021. Of the 2022 deliveries, 80 were handed over to customers during the fourth quarter. (Embraer is also active in the defence, security and space sectors.)

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As of December 31, the company had a firm commercial jet order backlog of $17.5-billion. This included a $1.17-billion firm order from Spanish (Canary Islands) airline Binter for 15 new E195-E2 airliners, placed during the fourth quarter.

Total 2022 commercial deliveries were subdivided into 57 commercial jets and 102 executive jets. Deliveries during the fourth quarter comprised 30 commercial jets and 50 executive jets.

The commercial jet deliveries were subdivided into 35 E175s, three E190s, one E190-E2, and 18 E195-E2s. Of these totals, 14 E175s, all three E190s, the one E190-E2 and 12 E195-E2s were delivered during the fourth quarter. Last year also saw the certification of the E190-E2 in both Canada and China, and of the E195-E2 in Canada.

Business jet deliveries last year were subdivided into 66 in the light category and 36 in the midsize category. Of these, 33 light and 17 midsize jets were delivered during the fourth quarter.

The light jets were further subdivided into seven Phenom 100 and 59 Phenom 300 aircraft, of which two Phenom 100s and 31 Phenom 300s were delivered during the fourth quarter. Midsize deliveries were split between 15 Praetor 500s and 21 Praetor 600s, of which six Praetor 500s and 11 Praetor 600s were delivered during the fourth quarter.

As of December 31, total orders for Embraer’s E-Jet and new generation E-Jet E2 families stood at 2 019, of which 1 728 had been delivered, leaving a firm order backlog of 291. This was composed of 90 E175s, seven E190-E2s and 194 E195-E2s (this last being Embraer’s biggest commercial jet). Of the original E-Jet family, all 191 E170s (the smallest version) ordered had been delivered; 728 E175s had been delivered; all 568 E190s ordered had been delivered, as had all 172 E195s (the biggest version) that had been ordered. Of the E-Jet E2 family, 18 E190-E2s had been delivered, as had 51 E195-E2s.

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