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Best Private Jets For Sale Right Now
Whether you need to jet off at a moment’s notice or you need an exclusive mode of transport to escape the tourist hordes, there’s no better way to get to that important conference or escape to your secret country hideaway than on a private jet.
While an increasing number of travellers are choosing to charter a private jet to their destination, they often wait days, sometimes weeks, for their flight. That’s where the flexibility and convenience of owning a private jet can justify the financial investment.For time-poor CEOs, the call of the jet-set lifestyle has never been as strong as it is today. Take a look at this curated list of private jets for sale below.

Global Express Xrs


  • – Built 2009
  • – A$31,433,000
  • – 3,859 operation hours
  • – 11,390km range
  • – 13 passengers, 4 crew

The Global Express entered service in 1999 and Bombardier continued production until 2015 when the number of new examples was reduced. The XRS version was announced in 2003 and received positive reviews from the start thanks to its 13 cubic metres of extra space in the cabin, the one main advantage the aeroplane has over its main rival, the Gulfstream GV/G550.

Although the XRS is shorter than the Gulfstream, it has more shoulder and elbow space and can be reconfigured to include a double bed. The cabin layout is for 10 to 14 people sitting on leather chairs, with plenty of space for using laptops and preparing food and drinks.

Source: Aviation Trader

Global 5000


  • – Built 2013
  • – A$28,720,000
  • – 3,192 operation hours
  • – 9,630km range
  • – 12 passengers, 3 crew

The Global 5000 began its service in 2005 and has a Mach 0.85 cruising speed, which, coupled with an impressive range, gives it the edge over other jets in its class. Again, the cabin is wider and taller than competitors and divided into three sections.

The seats onboard are very comfortable thanks to integral headrests, contoured backrests, compound curve arms and extra leg room. Optional powered seating or visco-elastic memory foam can be installed and mood lighting can also be fitted to improve the ambience.

A well-organised galley that includes a microwave, high-temperature convection ovens and a chiller is designed for two five-course meal services.

Source: GlobalAir

Falcon 900Ex Easy


  • – Built 2008
  • – A$28,012,000
  • – 5,896 operation hours
  • – 7,240km range
  • – 12 passengers, 2 crew

The French-built Falcon 900 is an iconic business jet, taking its first flight in 1984 and continuing to transport passengers in class and style. The F900 is the only classification of large cabin business jet to be able to land at London City airport and takes far less speed to take off and land.

Known for its efficiency, the Falcon 900EX EASy saves 36.9 per cent on fuel compared to the similarly-sized Gulfstream G450 and is much lighter. Interiors feature medium-pale wood grain veneer, with plenty of spacious seating and aft divans that can fold flat. Clever innovations include a privacy partition between the aft and main cabin areas, and internet connectivity, which can both be installed easily.

Source: GlobalAir

Gulfstream V (Gv)

Gulfstream Aerospace

  • – Built 2002
  • – A$18,672,000
  • – 8,500 operation hours
  • – 12,000km range
  • – 14 passengers, 4 crew

The Gulfstream V (GV) entered service in 1997 and was very quickly awarded the coveted Robert J. Collier Trophy by the National Aviation Authority in the US. A massive 12,000-kilometre maximum range means getting from Sydney to Los Angeles or New York to Tokyo onboard the GV is made easy.

Quietness and the ability to carry a huge payload of over two and a half tonnes set the Gulfstream V apart from competitors. Cabins are roomy, very well laid out and can be reconfigured to make separate quarters for crew and passengers, including separate toilets. A flight ceiling of 51,000 feet means you’ll be able to fly over almost any weather and a cruising speed of Mach 0.68 will have you arriving to meetings, social soirées and family occasions on time.

Source: GlobalAir

Citation Cj3


  • – Built 2007
  • – A$10,083,000
  • – 2,382 operation hours
  • – 3,778km range
  • – 9 passengers

With enough range to service every city in Australia and also the whole of New Zealand from Sydney, the Cessna Citation is renowned for being a very reliable, easy-to-fly private jet for busy professionals. Production of new examples started in 2004 and ran until 2015. The popular model accounts for a huge number of private charter jets on the global market.

Seating onboard this Citation CJ3 is logical and well laid out, with club seating for four plus two forward-facing seats positioned at the rear of the cabin.

Source: Aviation Trader

Offering the ability to fly when you want and where you want, light business jets are perfect for those looking for convenience and efficiency.

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