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Why Fly Private?

There are number of compelling reasons why flying private is the only way to travel. Here are our Top Ten reasons…

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Global Reach

Private jets give you far more scope and opportunity to travel, serving many small airports that are inaccessible to commercial aircraft.

Did you know that in Europe business aviation has access to approximately 1400 airports, whilst commercial airlines are restricted to approximately 500 airports. In the United States the gap is even more pronounced, with over 5000 airports available to private jets compared to 500 for commercial airlines.

And when you take into account the additional accessibility that a private helicopter flights gives you to hostile or extremely remote areas, there is little doubt that flying private is far superior.

A Time Saver

We have all experienced the hectic nature of flying commercially. How many hours should you give before your flight departs? Is security going to be long? Fly private and you’re generally in the air within 15 minutes of your arrival at the airport.

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) reported that business aviation leads to large time savings for its travelers, saving an average of 2 hours (127 minutes) per flight over commercial aviation.

Sit Back and Relax

No stress, no cramped spaces, no waiting lines, no smelly bathrooms! Just sit back relax or perhaps work on your laptop? Arrive at your destination fully refreshed and raring to go.


Private jets contribute only 2% of the total carbon emissions from aviation and about 0.04% of the total global emissions.

Both manufacturers and operators are making a conscious decision to further reduce carbon emissions. The private aviation industry has been working tirelessly on green solutions, including sustainable fuel alternatives.

Gulfstream Aerospace has been testing sustainable fuels for nearly a decade. This year 23 of 58 private jets that were displayed at a business aviation trade show in Geneva arrived powered by such.

The Cleanest Air

Private jets maintain the cleanest air quality in the aviation industry. There are a few obvious reasons, such as fewer people on board, longer downtime between trips (so they get cleaned more efficiently. Private jets also often keep their air exchanges on full blast as soon as passengers get on board – even while the plane is sitting idle or taxiing.

Today, most private jets are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. This technology is the same used in hospital operating theatres, where the filter creates a ‘clean room’, where all the air inside the room is exchanged every few minutes.

What happens is when the plane is airborne, 60% of the air is brought in from outside and the other 40% is filtered through the system.

United Airlines have produced a vide to explain the process:


The privacy you get with a private jet charter is unmatched by any other type of air travel, and discretion is one of Sentinel’s founding principles. If privacy is at the top of your list of ‘must haves’ then flying private is the answer – whether business, a family holiday or romantic getaway.

Spoil Yourself

There is no doubt that flying private is the most luxurious mode of travel. The most common feedback by far from our customers is the exclusive, personal service they receive when travelling with Sentinel Aviation – from the chauffeur driven limousine to the airport to the aftercare service following your trip. And why not treat yourself, you’ve earnt it!

VIP Pet Travel

Pets are an integral part of your family’s life. Nowadays, most operators allow you to bring your pets whilst you fly private charter. Whatever your pet, dog, cat or bird, as long as they are healthy and up to date on all required vaccinations, they are more than welcome to fly with you on a private jet.


Depending on your choice of private jet, there are often no restrictions to the amount of luggage that you can bring on-board. There are no additional charges for extra bags, and all your items are stored within the aircraft hold or in luggage compartments within the cabin – easy to access your luggage during the flight. And not only do you avoid the lengthy check-in queues as your luggage is directly taken to the aircraft when you arrive at the private jet lounge, but there is no chance of your luggage ending up at an airport on another continent to you!

A Culinary Delight

Flying private is like traveling in a five-star restaurant. No more being stuck with the food and drink provided by the commercial airline. Your culinary requirements are yours to make prior to the flight, even down to your favourite snacks and beverages – a totally bespoke experience.

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