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What Are The Benefits of Flying Private Over Flying First Class?

Sentinel Aviation is frequently confronted with this question by those who have not experienced flying private. We immediately counter this with our own question: “Do you know the one group of people who never ask this question?” The answer is, of course, those people who have been fortunate enough to have flown private in the past!

Flying private offers a range of benefits over flying first class, in particular:

  • Catering to convenience
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency.

Convenience and Flexibility

Schedule Versatility
Private Flights: You can set your own departure times, avoiding the rigid schedules of commercial airlines. This flexibility allows for last-minute changes and the ability to fly at the most convenient times for you.
First Class: Departure times are fixed by the airline, requiring you to adhere to their schedule.

Access to More Airports
Private Flights: There are over 40,000 airports in the world with only 9,000 served by Commercial Airlines. And the number of private airports around the world seems to be steadily increasing each year to cater to the rising demands of travellers (read more here). Private jets can access smaller airports and airfields, bringing you closer to your final destination. This can save significant ground travel time.
First Class: Limited to major commercial airports, often necessitating longer ground transportation times.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Efficient Check-in and Security
Private Flights: Minimal check-in time, often just minutes before departure. Security procedures are streamlined and less intrusive.
First Class: You still have to go through regular airport security, which can be time-consuming, although expedited lanes are available.

Faster Boarding and Disembarking
Private Flights: Immediate boarding and disembarking, with no waiting for other passengers.
First Class: Priority boarding and disembarking, but still subject to the process of a larger number of passengers.

Comfort and Privacy

Exclusive Use of Aircraft
Private Flights: Complete privacy with the entire aircraft to yourself or your group. This ensures confidentiality and the ability to conduct business meetings or relax without disturbances.
First Class: Shared space with other first-class passengers, reducing privacy.

Personalised Service
Private Flights: Tailored services, including personalised catering, entertainment, and cabin configurations to suit your preferences.
First Class: High level of service, but standard offerings that are far less customisable.

Amenities and Experience

Custom Interiors
Private Flights: Ability to choose aircraft with specific interior designs, including luxury seating, conference rooms, and sleeping quarters.
First Class: Luxurious seating and amenities, but within the standard configuration of the airline.

Pets and Special Needs
Private Flights: Easier to accommodate pets, special dietary requests, and any specific needs or preferences.
First Class: More accommodating than economy, but still bound by airline policies and restrictions.

Health and Safety

Reduced Exposure to Public
Private Flights: Limited contact with the general public and fewer touchpoints, reducing the risk of exposure to illnesses.
First Class: Contact with more passengers and airport staff, although less than in other classes.

Enhanced Safety Protocols
Private Flights: Ability to implement personal health and safety measures beyond standard regulations.
First Class: Adherence to airline safety protocols, which are generally uniform across all passengers.

Time Management

Private Flights: Quiet and private environment conducive to work, with facilities such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, and meeting spaces.
First Class: Less conducive to undisturbed work due to shared space and other passengers.

In summary, flying private with Sentinel Aviation affords you unparalleled convenience, flexibility, privacy, and a personalised service that even the best first-class commercial flights cannot match. For individuals and businesses where time, privacy, and tailored experiences are paramount, private aviation is the obvious preferred choice.



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