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Top 10 Reasons for Your Family to Travel by Private Jet

We often think of private jet travel as the domain of business men and women, jetting across continents to seal commercial deals! But let us not forget the absolute joy of ‘flying private’ with the family – from schedule flexibility and in-flight entertainment to exclusive privacy and luxury for all ages! And conversely, let us also not forget the stressful experience of flying commercially with your family – from never ending security lines and chaotic airports to delayed (or cancelled) flights and lengthy passport control.

From the feedback we often receive when our client’s families travel privately, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 reasons to fly private with your family.

1. Arrive Closer to Your Destination
We wrote an article recently about the extent of private airports around the world compared to commercial airfields (read more here). To summarise, there are approx. 31,000 private airports around the world from a total of 40,000. This means, when you fly private, you not only have far greater choice, but you can often arrive far closer to your destination – far less of a journey at the other end (when your family are often tired and getting impatient) and more time for you all to enjoy your family adventure!

2. Schedule Flexibility
With a private jet charter, you are in total control of the travel plans and flight schedule, right down to what time of day to fly and what aircraft type is used. You can even decide how many passengers will be on board with you.

3. Departure & Arrival Efficiency
From beginning to end, it is much faster to fly private than with commercial airlines. We have all been stuck at the gate for hours before departure or queued up with a hundred other people to weigh your carry-on bags – such a waste of time, angst and energy. When you fly private there are no two-hour early arrival at the airport before departure. No lines. No weighing your bags. No fuss. Boarding a private aircraft takes minutes – so you can get in and out of the airport quickly and arrive at your destination earlier than ever before.

4. Better Onboard Entertainment
When onboard, your family can relax and enjoy the flight. All of our jets at Sentinel Aviation are equipped with wifi and inflight entertainment systems so that everyone can watch their own type of entertainment. You are fully catered for and can pre-order food, drinks and snacks for the flight.

Larger aircraft have more space to accommodate amenities, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and various forms of entertainment. Each private aircraft is configured differently, but a typical VIP airliner could include space for:

  • Two bedrooms
  • Stand-up showers
  • Dining area seating six to eight people
  • Living room area
  • Stateroom/conference room onboard

One VIP airliner is fitted with 17 flat screens. This means you don’t miss a second of the latest game wherever you are on the aircraft.

5. Stress-free Privacy with Your Family
Rather stating the obvious, but taking time out with your family from the hustle and bustle of life is essential. When you travel with Sentinel Aviation you travel with your family in complete privacy and comfort without worrying about other passengers or interacting with strangers.

6. Little Ones can Meet the Pilots!
When you travel by private jet, your children can meet and interact with the pilots. They will sit down and chat with them if time permits and answer questions they might have about flying or planes. The pilots will also take pictures with your kids once they land at their destination, making for a precious memory.

7. Pets Can Travel Too
Pets being able to travel by your side is ideal for no fuss family holidays. On scheduled flights dogs and cats usually have to travel in the hold away from their owners, which can be worrying and stressful. With a private flight your pet comes into the cabin with you and can enjoy all the treats they deserve! For your cuddly friend this is the top of the list of our 10 Benefits of Taking a Private Jet.

8. Flying When Pregnant
Pregnant women should take medical advice before planning to fly, and the health and wellbeing of the mother and the baby are our biggest priority. Most scheduled airlines do not allow travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy, and require a medical certificate after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Private jet operators generally follow the same guidelines, but there can be some flexibility to fly later if a doctor’s letter supports this. But what better way to fly if pregnant, especially with such important luggage!

9. Medical Needs
Private jets are perfect for those with medical needs, wheelchair users, people with sensory needs, passengers with guide dogs, those who have medical staff or equipment. A private jet offers space, privacy, and avoids noise and crowds.

10. Experience the Best Quality Time with Your Loved Ones
And lastly, but most importantly, spending quality time with your loved ones. We have all flown commercially and often comment that it takes two days of your holiday or trip to wind down and start enjoying yourself. Not when you fly private. When you fly private, your family excursion starts when you arrive at the private airport (or earlier if you use our chauffeur- driven limousine service). One way to ensure quality time with your loved ones is by travelling on a private jet.

Plan your next family trip with Sentinel Aviation! We are fully focussed and committed to ensuring your family fly safe and making the trip a memorable journey. Why not Meet Our Team to further assure you of our experience.

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