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Ten most exciting, remote places to fly by private jet

Sentinel Aviation founder, Roland Dangerfield, recently shared with Billionaire Magazine the most stunning and remote places he has visited in a private jet – from Tswalu in South Africa to Alta Airport in North Norway…

“With so much uncertainty still in the air, it is hard to see how and when the luxury travel market will rebound. COVID-19 has not been kind to the charter aviation industry. According to TRAQPak Flight Activity Data, in November 2020, North American charter flights were down 16 percent, and European were down nearly 23 percent from 2019.

But there are reasons to be optimistic about the charter flight industry this year. After lockdowns and restrictions, while people will likely travel less overall, they may be looking for out-of-the-ordinary destinations when they do, including remote locations and those embracing nature.

Travellers in the near future may also find the privacy of private residences or rentals more attractive than the shared spaces of hotels, and likewise a private aircraft as opposed to commercial, to avoid contact with strangers.”

Roland Dangerfield, founder of Sentinel Aviation, shares the most incredible and remote places he has flown to in a private jet.

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