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Private Jet Menus – What Cuisine to Expect

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Thinking about flying by private jet but not looking forward to the nasty aircraft cuisine? Think again; here are some of the amazing dishes to enjoy in the sky.

For anyone who charters or owns a private jet, a life of luxury is something they have come to expect, especially when it comes to flying. Just as you would expect, if you are traveling via private jet charter, there is no cuisine off-limits. Compared to the substandard food found on commercial flights, when it comes to flying private, you can eat just about anything you can think of, and here are some of the best.

Orders and Menus
The menus on private jets are custom designed and curated by flight attendants or cabin crew management surrounding the personal preferences of the guests traveling. The main cogs in this service have to be the caterers who, at a moment’s notice, will deliver a variety of delicious meals and luxurious items. It is the flight attendant’s job to also stock the aircraft with other high-end products for each passenger to enjoy. These products include champagne, prosecco, whiskey, fancy chocolates, and a host of other luxurious items each passenger can enjoy.

Some passengers have restaurants they cannot live without, and why should flying be any different? Flight attendants can make orders from these tasty places to be eaten on board the craft, letting you dine on the go. You can order from one restaurant, you can order from five different places, and there is no budget in most cases. Some of the most requested food orders in London come from Nobu, the Cinnamon Club, China Tang, and Sumosan.

Fine Dining
Fine dining is the best, especially when soaring through the skies. Fine dining will change from place to place, but one thing for sure is that it will always be tasty on a private jet. Europe usually includes dishes such as wagyu beef, lobster, beef carpaccio, Balik salmon, foie gras, and basically anything that contains truffles. Sushi is another extremely popular dish found on private jets, but the quality is the main thing along with the service. Condiments must always be correct to make each dish extra special.

When it comes to fine dining in the skies, every dish is plated to a 5-star hotel standard, and champagne is essential. The choice of champagne, however, may differ from flight to flight. Choose from Dom Perignon, Roederer Cristal, Veuve Clicquot, or Laurent Perrier. Alongside your champagne, you can find a wide selection of fine spirits and wines. Alcohol will not be served on flights in a dry country with different laws. Chocolates and fine desserts are ordered from companies such as Laduree, Fauchon, Patchi, and Sprungli, giving you the finest finish to your fine dining experience.

Middle Eastern Cuisine
Cuisine in the Middle East differs from other places in the world, and this should be no different when flying by private jet. Families in the Middle East tend to eat buffet-style with large selections of traditional dishes. Starters usually contain a selection of salads such as Greek, chicken Caesar, and fattoush alongside hot Arabic snacks like kibbeh, fatayer, and samosas. Another item usually featured on the starter’s menu is a selection of meze like hummus, mutable, and labneh. When it comes to mains, the usual dishes you will see are biriyani, butter chicken, and mixed grills. Pasta dishes are also a very popular option.

If you think that desserts aren’t on the menu, think again. There is ice cream, fruit skewers, and tiramisu. You can also treat yourself to some refreshing fruit juices such as lemon mint, pineapple, and mango. All of these fantastic choices, flying at 40,000 feet. Who knew soaring the skies could be so tasty?

An essential item for all private flights has to be caviar, but it can’t be any style; it needs to be served to absolute perfection, or this expensive treatment is a little bit of a wasted endeavor. The only way caviar should be served is on special dishes over ice using a mother-of-pearl spoon. The special dishes and spoons help the caviar to retain the natural taste it was intended to have, with no influential flavor coming from silver or metal spoons. Traditionally this dish should be served with complimentary dishes of creme fraiche blinis, lemon, shallot, and shredded egg whites and yolk. Beluga caviar is the most popular, followed by Oscietra.

Other Menus
Every passenger has the potential for different dietary requirements and eating habits. The menus offered on private flights can be catered to the personal taste of the passenger. From allergy, diabetic or vegan restrictions, or something entirely different, the perfect menu can always be catered to on a private jet. On the other hand, a passenger may just want to eat from the comfort of a fast food chain such as Mcdonalds or KFC, which can be reheated in the best way on a flight. Away from human passengers, pets can also be catered to, giving them the ideal mid-flight meal.

Children’s Menus
For children, of course, there are options for an altered menu that will cater to their needs and desires. As children have more tastebuds and are much pickier when it comes to food, there are lots of home comforts such as mini cheeseburgers, chicken goujons, and even battered fish at the ready with as much ketchup or mayonnaise as they could imagine. Other meals, such as pasta, are a great choice for children, with spaghetti and meatballs or macaroni and cheese readily available. As with most kids, the favorite course on the menu has to be dessert. Here you will find lots of options; brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, and cakes. Flying private accommodates all who choose to come aboard.

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