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How Many Private Jets Does Coca-Cola Own?

Justin Hayward from Simple Flying – Reports

  • Coca-Cola operates a long term, small Gulfstream fleet.
  • Coca-Cola utilizes at least three Gulfstream jets but has a long history with the aircraft manufacturer.
  • The aircraft are used for domestic and international flights, allowing Coca-Cola to support its business relationships worldwide.

Coca-Cola is committed to sustainable operations, aiming to increase its usage of Sustainable Aviation Fuel in the coming years.

Many large companies own or lease private jets. These could be for business travel or to support various global operations. As one of the largest beverage companies in the world, it is no surprise that Coca-Cola is one such firm. It has owned various jets over the years and currently operates at least three large-sized Gulfstream aircraft.

Gulfstream jets with Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola currently operates at least three Gulfstream jets (these may be owned or leased). This includes two Gulfstream G550 aircraft carrying registrations N486RW and N586RW and one Gulfstream G600 aircraft with registration N959RW. The fleet may also include one active Gulfstream V with registration N108CE.

The Gulfstream G500 was introduced by Gulfstream in 2005 as an upgrade to the Gulfstream V. It was itself updated by the Gulfstream G600 in 2016, though Coca-Cola’s example didn’t enter service with the company until 2020. The G600 offers the same high capacity of up to 19 passengers but with a slightly longer and wider cabin, delivering more comfort and configuration options. They have a comparable range (with the G550 facilitating marginally farther flights), but the G600 is faster.

Various roles for the aircraft
Coco-Cola’s jets are kept busy with both domestic and international flights. Executive travel is naturally part of the role, but much more is also going on. The company has operations around the world and is also involved in numerous global events and sponsorships. In reporting by The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), Juan Castro, Coca-Cola’s general manager of executive aviation and travel, explained:

“This company is all about relationships – that human connection of enjoying Coca-Cola. And the entire globe is our market. The only way to enable our business globally is by using these aircraft to make those connections.”

The NBAA also claims that in 2022, 75% of the 1,500 hours of Coca-Cola’s private travel was international.

A long history with Gulfstream
Like many large companies, Coca-Cola has a long history of private jet ownership and usage. It has operated several types in the past, but the fleet has certainly been dominated by Gulfstream aircraft. According to information from, the company has operated the Gulfstream I, II, III, IV, and V, as well as the G280, G550, and G600. Aside from Gulfstream, there have been operations with the British Aerospace 125 and Beechcraft King Air B200 and B300.

Sustainable operations
The NBAA has recently introduced a Sustainable Flight Department Accreditation for corporate operators and other companies in the industry. Coca-Cola is among the first companies to receive this, mainly based on its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) usage and plans. The company aims to operate with 10% SAF in 2023 and increase this to 25% by 2030.


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