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Gulfstream G600 Awarded Steep-Approach Certification By The FAA

Gulfstream’s G600 appears to be going from strength to strength. We recently reported on its 100th customer delivery, and today we report on the company’s announcement that one of its most prominent business jets, the Gulfstream G600, has been certified for steep approach landings. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded the business jet this certification earlier in the week. This allows the G600 to land at airports with shorter runways or airports that require a more prominent approach due to the airport’s location.


  • Gulfstream G600 certified for steep approach landings.
  • Allows landing at airports with shorter runways or low-speed handling.
  • Opens access to airports like London City, Madeira, Lugano, Aspen.

Steep approach landing certification
The G600 has successfully demonstrated its steep-approach capabilities with low-speed handling and short-field landings at London City Airport in England and Lugano Airport in Switzerland. These challenging airports require steep-approach operations, as London City has a short runway and Lugano is located in the mouth of a valley.

As previously mentioned, the new steep approach landing certification that was awarded to the Gulfstream G600 opens up many new airports that the aircraft can now land at. Specifically, this FAA certification allows approved business jets to land on runways that are shorter than normal. It also allows business jets to land at airports that require low-speed handling due to the configuration or layout of the airport’s runways. This certification requires the aircraft’s manufacturer to prove that the aircraft is capable of landing with the previously determined controllability depending on how steep the approach angle is.

Many airports across the world require steep approach operations in order to land at. Some examples of these airports are:

  • London City Airport (LCY)
  • Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo Airport (FNC)
  • Lugano Airport (LUG)
  • Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (ASE)

The President of Gulfstream, Mark Burns, spoke about the new certification of the Gulfstream G600. He stated, “This certification further increases global access for the G600. Building on the speed and range performance advantages that G600 customers already experience, steep-approach capability broadens possibilities and increases flexibility for travel.”

About the Gulfstream G600

The G600 combines class-leading fuel-efficiency with unmatched performance capabilities and can fly 6,600 nautical miles/12,223 kilometers at Mach 0.85 or 5,600 nm/10,371 km at Mach 0.90. The award-winning interior can be configured in up to four living areas and provides the exceptional comfort of the Gulfstream Cabin Experience with abundant natural light from 14 Gulfstream Panoramic Oval Windows, 100% fresh air, whisper-quiet sound levels and a refreshingly low cabin altitude. The aircraft is equipped with the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck, which is engineered for enhanced safety and features the industry’s first active control sidesticks and most extensive use of touch-screen technology.

Initially, Gulfstream introduced the Gulfstream G600 in October 2014. It was brought to the market with another popular business jet, the Gulfstream G500. The G600 was set to replace the older G550. This aircraft was officially certified by the FAA in June 2019, and deliveries began later that summer in August.

The Gulfstream G600’s airframe is made from mostly aluminium alloys, with several lofted surfaces being made from composite materials. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 turbofan engines. These engines provide the aircraft with over 15,000 pounds of thrust each. This allows the Gulfstream G600 to have the following specifications:

Length: 96 feet one inch

Height: 25 feet three inches

Wingspan: 94 feet two inches

Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 94,600 pounds

Range: 6,600 nautical miles (7,595 miles)

Cruise speed: Mach 0.90 (594 miles per hour)

Maximum operating speed: Mach 0.925 (611 miles per hour)

Flight ceiling: 51,000 feet

The Gulfstream G600 utilises BAE Systems active sidesticks and also uses the Honeywell Symmetry Flight Deck. This avionics system uses four main displays and three touchscreen panels on the overhead panel. The system is equipped with an enhanced flight vision system (EVS).

The cabin of the G600 is slightly smaller than the Gulfstream G650’s. The interior cabin has the following measurements:

  • Cabin length: 45 feet two inches
  • Cabin height: Six feet two inches
  • Cabin width: Seven feet seven inches

This cabin can fit up to four passenger zones, although the standard configuration uses three longer passenger zones.



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