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What’s in a Name?

As the Managing Director of Sentinel Aviation, I’m often in London catching up with clients and partners. During the week, I ventured out of the office and parked my car in Westfield….no, not this car, but some battered old chariot.

But this car registration did get me thinking what is a VIP, a VVIP, or even a VVVIP?

Since I left the British Army and entered the world of Private Aviation, I’ve never quite understood it. Whilst in the Army, a VIP to me was probably the Head of the Army and a Politician or 2, a VVIP was the Head of the Armed Forces and Probably the PM and there was only one VVVIP, and that was the Queen.

But the term VIP does get banded about quite freely these days with VIP private jet terminals etc etc. To us, at Sentinel, every single one of our clients is a VIP, none of them are more important than the others and every single one gets our ‘VIP” service and that is why they keep returning to us time and again, because we achieve results quickly, discreetly, transparently and without complication.

Looking for uncomplicated, unbiased and independent private aviation advice, then please get in touch and become one of our VIPs! Our private charter team are ready and waiting for your instruction. We’ll ensure a seamless door-to-door service, meticulously planned and overseen from inception until well after landing.

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