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3 Key Business Reasons to Own a Jet

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Owning a jet is a luxury, of course. But while it may be a significant investment upfront, private jet ownership can significantly boost your business operations—particularly if you’re a C-suite executive in any sized company. In the short run, you and your immediate sphere of influence get a massive quality-of-life increase when you own a jet. In the long run: your bottom line’s potential is the moon.

The experts at Paradise Jets say private jet ownership can be the difference between a struggling executive and a well-oiled business machine. We sat down with them to talk about the three main benefits behind owning your own jet and how it can improve your (and your company’s) life.

Reason #1: Time
It’s an age-old question: how long should you arrive at the airport before a commercial flight? The jury will forever be out on this one, but the industry consensus recommends travelers arrive about two hours before their departure. For a daily round- trip, that’s four hours of dead time, and that doesn’t include travel to and from airports to business locations.

Imagine what you could do with that time.

As a private jet owner, your flight is beholden to a single passenger: you. While you can’t eliminate all downtime for things like travel time, crew preparations and pre-flight checks, the amount of time saved is astronomical.

Reason #2: Operational Productivity
With thousands of airports available for private planes in the United States, jet ownership means the world for efficiency and productivity. With your own jet, you’ll be able to:

  • Land closer to your business destination
  • Eliminate crowds and lines
  • Significantly reduce transportation wait times
  • Remove anxiety about lost luggage, delays or security issues

Put simply, flying private gets rid of the frustrating minutia that comes with commercial flight. You’ll waste less energy on hoop-jumping and save it for things that really move the needle (and save your business money).

Reason #3: Privacy andPower
Few things put you out of your comfort zone faster than being crammed in a metal tube with 100 other travelers for hours at a time. Getting work done on a mobile device is made infinitely harder and mid-flight phone calls are entirely out of the question, especially if your business is confidential.

Owning a jet puts all that behind you. Not only do you gain the freedom and flexibility to work and relax freely about your cabin in-flight, but you also never need to suspend the comfort that supports your emotional confidence. That “home-field” feeling that empowers C-suite executives to command the room? You’ll always have it when you step off your private jet.

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