Drone Consultancy Services

A UK-based drone and counter drone consultancy, specialising in advising on all aspects of international drone and counter drone operations for both civil and military applications.

Whether it is for commercial, industrial or specialist operations in complex environments, our consultants provide clinical and impartial advice not just on drone hardware, software and sensors but also on national and international operating rules, regulations and permissions.

Focussing on drone safety & risk management

About Sentinel

Sentinel Aviation is a leading consultancy for Drone and Counter Drone equipment and operations. It is one of the few UK CAA approved Restricted National Qualified Entities that is allowed to provide UAV testing for UAV Pilots and Payload Operators and also training through one of our partner organisations.

Its specialisms involve providing consultancy for, and the establishment of drone operations for organisations with little or no previous drone experience. Typically this involves rotary or fixed wing UAVs with endurance from 40 minutes up to 24hrs. In conjunction with this, Sentinel works alongside and for Lloyds of London UAV Insurance underwriters employing Risk Management and Mitigation strategies where High End expensive existing UAV operations have gone awry and expensive claims made.

Sentinel works with drone manufacturers, designers and developers, to produce and supply drones for specific operations and missions. With nearly 3500 commercial drone operators in the United Kingdom, the drone industry has become massively competitive and congested.

As one of the countries leading drone consultancies our aim is to advise, guide and save individuals and organisations from wasting time and considerable sums of money on hardware and software which may not meet their needs.

Our consultants will always offer, where possible, a demonstration or sub contractor in order to help develop and deliver bespoke end solutions for our clients.

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UK Head Office

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