UAS Safety & Risk Management Services

Our mission at Sentinel Aviation is to apply the safety standards of modern commercial aviation to the rapidly developing unmanned aviation sector. Working to the highest standards we ensure the safe and efficient operations of Unmanned Aviation Systems for both operators and end users.

Safety & Compliance

Sentinel Aviation consists of a World Class team of UAS and commercial aviation safety professionals. Our auditors and operatives have the widest range of experience in all aspects of UAS operations. This advice includes:

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Safety and Best Practice procedures
  • Appropriate Continuous Training regimes
  • Data Protection Act
  • Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

We benchmark our processes to current ICAO UAS standards and beyond to ensure UAS Operator peace of mind.

Risk Management

The use of UAS has created an entirely new spectrum of liability risk for companies and employers that needs to be managed and mitigated. Sentinel advises on:

  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Risk Assessment techniques
  • Risk Matrix application
  • Operational Safety Cases

Sentinel Aviation uses a variety of risk management tools within its audits to ensure that risk and liability are recognised and all possible steps taken to reduce those risks.

Audits & Inspections

Sentinel Aviation undertakes all types of audit and compliance work for UAS operators, end users of UAS services and the UAS Insurance industry. This includes:

  • Review of organisational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Documentation Reviews
  • Maintenance and Technical procedures
  • Safety and compliance review
  • Inspection of applications to UK CAA

So, whether it be a “one off” report for a specific project or an ongoing relationship to develop company protocols and manage UAS related Health and Safety issues, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Management Systems

Our team is vastly experienced in the management and operation of UAS in both the military and civilian spheres. Combined with a background in commercial aviation safety. We can help with:

  • UAS operator set ups
  • Operational recces and risk assessments
  • High Risk UAS operations
  • Operational Safety Case applications

We can help reduce the likelihood of expensive public liability insurance claims and resulting negative media, unwanted publicity and damage to your corporate image.

EU & International Regulations

Under the Global ICAO regulations there are country specific aviation regulations for all countries. This is a minefield for UAS operators across the EU and beyond. We provide updates, regulatory advice and consultancy services for:

  • ICAO
  • EASA
  • UK CAA and National Aviation Authorities
  • International UAS commercial operations applications

We work with our customers to ensure that they operate within all regulatory frameworks globally. This includes specialist legal advice on operations in International Airspace and 'in country' commercial UAS operations.

Insurance & Legal Services

Sentinel Aviation works with the principal EU and UK aviation insurance and legal companies to ensure UAS operations are as safe and efficient as possible. This service includes advice on:

  • Physical Damage – Platform, Sensors and Control Stations
  • Aviation Commercial General Liability
  • Aviation Product Liability
  • Non-Owned Aviation Liability
  • Event and Accident Investigation Services

If your platform has been modified from its original equipment manufacturer’s specification, this could invalidate your insurance.

Training and Development

As a UK CAA approved Restricted NQE, Sentinel Aviation's team of highly experienced instructors are able to supply advanced training in all aspects of UAS operations, for flight planning, advanced flying operations and Health & Safety. These include:

  • Annual Flight Currency Check
  • Operational Assessments
  • Close Proximity Flight Training
  • Safety Case Evidence gathering
  • Congested Area Flight Training
  • CRM and Human Factors Training
  • Specialist training in a simulated urban environment

Safety Documentation

It is vital that any UAS Operator’s documentation is kept current and in date. Failure to do so may invalidate insurance policies and you may be operating illegally. This documentation includes:

  • Permissions for Commercial Operation, including International Permissions
  • Insurance Policies
  • Operations Manuals
  • Firmware Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Maintenance and Technical Records

Sentinel offers a subscription and notification based service, by SMS and Email. This affords smaller operators the peace of mind that they are operating within all legal and regulatory standards.

Platforms & Operations

Sentinel Aviation has deep military connections and as a result is able to lease, purchase and supply specialist UAV and Counter-UAV platforms, including:

  • Bluebird Aero Systems' – ThunderB 24hr tactical UAV
  • High end commercial/Low end military Quadcopters and Fixed Wing Platforms
  • RT Systems – Skystar Aerostats
  • Specialist UAV/Drone platforms for specialist missions
  • IAI Elta – Drone Guard Counter UAV System

Our personnel are able to deploy globally at short notice and can operate for extended periods in austere and hostile environments.




Thales Watchkeeper WK006 dived itself into Boscombe Down's runway....



The aircraft was approaching the capital of Tete with 80 passengers and six crew on board...


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